vrijdag 2 februari 1990

Nog immer opnieuw het wiel uitvindende...

”To all of your commands I obey,
who made your world
and created your life
To all of my commands you obey,
who wander through my world
and live all of my lives”

various techniques on chipwood
(80 x125)

Moet ik even op terugkomen, want ik ben de titel kwijt... Olieverf op iets ongelovelijk hards.
Verkocht trouwens.

”So be it, coffee spilled over broken wishes”

Well both in the flesh
needed abstract utilities
Invisible in the hugh, high hall
was the man with the lamp
I walked right through him
as I once did before

So be it, coffee spilled over broken wishes
My island floats,
I feel secure
Between this winters’ pearls
I take my humble bow

oil on plywood
(75 x 88)