vrijdag 1 januari 1993

Bij twijfel... gewoon posten.

Hoewel ik aan de eerste officieel in 1992 begonnen ben, dacht ik dat ik hem in 1993 afgemaakt heb. Doet 't ertoe? Neu, maar 'k wilde een beetje precies zijn. Voor een keertje.

”One day meditation”

The whole operation took only five minutes
One did the shouting
One did the running
And I did the jumping and waved my arms
Highly astonished the sun coloured the beach
when she tried to climb the horizon

Wish I could meditate
for only one day
Would live my life
in twenty-four houres

oil on something
(17 x 35)

”Miracles & visions do uccur”

Miracles and visions do occur
as the morning suns’ beams
draw architectural structures

various techniques on chipboard
(56.5 x 57)

”Noone alive is innocent”

There was a child at the door
and it knew how to knock with a questionmark
Noone alive is innocent
"Am I guilty for laughing?"
the child asked the priest
and he thought a ball of fire
would come from his mouth
Then I saw my finger pointed in the air
My hand closed, needles formed a crown of thorns
Through & through & yet, no blood
Sometimes I'm alive & I see
the world only moves out of habit
& I try to slow down its' speed
Sometimes I wonder
how women put miracles together
I watch & I wonder
I enjoy & I fear

oil on panel
(24 x 44, 24 x 44)